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MDFS is a software designed and implemented to assist in MultiDimensional Feature Selection (MDFS).


MDFS is released under GPLv3.


The engine core is written in optimised C++ and CUDA code.

We currently offer an R package, available from CRAN, as well as a Python package, available from PyPI. Their versions stay in sync.


Since 2023-07-18, the development is open to public and handled with GitHub:


The changelog is available here.

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Want to know more? We have published two papers discussing both the approach and the software itself:

  1. K. Mnich and W. R. Rudnicki, ‘All-relevant feature selection using multidimensional filters with exhaustive search’, Information Sciences, vol. 524, pp. 277–297, Jul. 2020, doi: 10.1016/j.ins.2020.03.024.
  2. R. Piliszek et al., ‘MDFS: MultiDimensional Feature Selection in R’, The R Journal, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 198–210, 2019, doi: 10.32614/RJ-2019-019.

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